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French manufacture

To the newcomer’s great surprise, we still make most of our products in France. Product quality and customer satisfaction depend on it. The Mahieu factory is able to mass-produce ceramics of recognised artisanal quality and the involvement of our entire staff is a key asset to our production.

First things first: once upon a time...

The creator's workshop

le façonnage des produits

Our models are unique and all designed in-house. Our designers pay special attention to the diversity, the variety and the renewal of the range.

le coulage du plâtre dans les moules

Moulded products

The casting workshop

In order to be able to manufacture a cast object, you first need to make a plaster mould, which entails filling a matrix with liquid plaster to create the mould that will allow you to mass-produce the objects.

Once cast, the objects are removed from the mould and then dried for several days.

Glazing the objects

Cast objects are glazed by spraying or dipping.

la pôse des décors

Layering designs

We have at our disposal a very wide variety of designs that allow you to display objects in a multitude of varieties.

The combination of different shapes, different patterns and a wide selection of texts make the Mahieu range the most extensive in Europe.

Firing the objects

In order to be long-lasting, the objects are fired in a kiln at 1250° centigrade for twenty-four hours.

We have our own in-house facilities, which allow us to guarantee all of our manufacturing processes.

Shaped products


Our products are hand-made, which allows our customers to benefit from unique products.

l'émaillage des produitsGlazing

The care given to the glazing and the quality of the implemented products allow us to guarantee the long life of our products.


The firing stage is carried out in our kilns at 1250 ° centigrade.

la préparation des commandes

Quality tests

All products are visually inspected and those that do not meet exactly the required level of quality are removed from the circuit.

Preparing orders and shipments

Shipments to the domestic and all export markets are managed from our site in Bethune.  Mahieu: a French brand known in many countries.

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