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Qualité garantie

Quality and durability

Mahieu ceramics benefit from an excellent reputation for durability, made possible by the high quality of the products. Our products are designed for outdoor use and for this reason enjoy special care during production.

Products guaranteed for use in harsh conditions

Our funerary ceramics will spend many years outside, subject to alternating difficult conditions, notably frosty phases that can be formidable.

nous contrôlons la qualité des produits tout au long du processus de fabricationOur products are frost-resistant and a wet autumn followed by a harsh winter will not make them shatter. The same goes for the treatment of colours: they do not fade and the sun will not transform the bright colours of your flowerbeds into pastel shades.

Rigorous quality control

Our products are inspected throughout the manufacturing process and only leave the factory if they comply scrupulously with all the requirements of our specifications. This guarantees your peace of mind and customers’ satisfaction. Returns are rare and you are sure to provide the best service to your customers.

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