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Entreprise Mahieu

A family history

The company Mahieu was founded in 1909 in Bouchain, in Northern France, by Henri Mahieu. For twenty years, "slips" (pot holders, pitchers, vases, etc) were manufactured there, highly valued objects at the time. His son, Raoul Mahieu, gradually orientated from pottery to funerary. The company grew throughout the 20th century to become one of the major players in the market for funeral decoration in France.

In 2009, it celebrated its 100 years and continues to offer a range of high-quality products, respectful of the tradition of ceramics and yet innovative, mixing ceramics, porcelain, granite, constantly exploring new materials.

Our products are built to last, season after season: our items are manufactured from raw materials that ensure exceptional resistance to bad weather and frost. They are therefore perfectly adapted for outdoor use in all seasons.

The largest collection in Europe

Floral ceramics, which made the reputation of the company Mahieu, constitutes the largest collection available in Europe.

All made entirely by hand, they are unique and each carries their (female) creator's imprint. Producing porcelain plaques in France guarantees you a high level of quality. The possible combinations from more than fifty models of porcelain plaques and colours, as well as several hundred different designs and texts, offer you an infinite choice.

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